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7 Things to Know About Front Load Washers

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Is a front-load washer more reliable and energy efficient?

Front Load Washing Machine - Electrolux Hong Kong

What makes our front-load machines more durable and efficient is the motor.

Our EcoInverter motor is not only energy efficient and quiet, it’s also so
durable that it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Specially designed drums also improve water flow during the cycle, which
makes for even more efficient washing and shorter wash times.

Common myths about front-load washers

Myth 1 - Front-load Washers are More Expensive

Myth 1: Front-load washers are more expensive

Front-load washers may seem at first more expensive, but their durability and energy efficiency save electricity and water bills in the long run.

Myth 2: Front-load washers use less water and don’t clean as well

Our front-loaders have in-built sensors that measure the weight of your laundry and automatically adjust the amount of water needed. So they use the perfect amount of water for each cycle. Just because the water isn’t visible inside the machine doesn’t mean your clothes aren’t getting the deep clean they deserve

Myth 2 - Front-load Washers Use Less Water and Don't Clean Well

What is the optimum temperature for deep cleaning my clothes?

Washing with lower temperatures has the added benefit of keeping vibrant colours brighter for longer

Electrolux washing machines give you exceptional deep cleaning results at temperatures as low as 30 degrees. This is because our patented UltraMix™ technology pre-mixes the water and detergent before it enters the drum, so detergent is fully dissolved and activated before it meets your clothes.

UltraMix™ Technology - Electrolux Hong Kong

What is the best way to wash delicate garments?

Wool Clothes Comparison of Electrolux and Other Brand

All of our machines have programs specifically designed for a gentle care. For some of your precious pieces use the Delicate program. For even more delicate items like wool, Electrolux machines have a program designed for cleaning extremely delicate garments. They are so well designed and so gentle on your clothes, that they can be better for delicate fabrics than traditional hand-washing. Which is why Woolmark Apparel Care, the industry expert in independent research and accreditation of woollen apparel care products since 1968, have certified our washing machines as safe to use on woollen delicates.

Their guarantee ensures you can have confidence to machine washing items you only wash by hand.

What’s the difference between front-load washers and top-load washers?

Top-loading machines have a lid on top and laundry is added from above. Front loaders have a door and laundry is placed inside the drum from the front. Front-loaders are increasing in popularity because not only do they save space, they are also more economical as they save on water, electricity and detergent.

Difference Between Front-load Washers and Top-load Washers

How can I avoid the tangling of my clothes?

Avoid Tangle Clothes - Electrolux Hong Kong

Front-load machines use a tumbling action, so clothes tend to tangle less in comparison to top-load washers which use a spinning action. You can also prevent tangling by avoiding mixing heavy items with light items, putting delicates into a mesh bag and not overloading the machine. Our front-loaders have sensors which measure the weight of each load to help you avoid this.

What if my Electrolux washing machine breaks down?

breakdowns are rare, they cannot entirely be ruled out. In the unfortunate case of a breakdown, please call the Electrolux Service Centre to arrange for a technician visit. Once you have registered your purchase, the EcoInverter motor in your washing machine has a 10-year warranty, while all other parts have the standard Electrolux 39-month warranty.

Electrolux Washing Machine Repair - Electrolux Hong Kong

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