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Front Load Washer

Here’s a list of 5 things you need to know to get the most out of your Electrolux front load washer. Plus, some washing tips to make laundry day easier. For additional information, browse Electrolux front load washers.



What kind of detergent (powder or liquid) should I use for the front load washer?


You need to use only detergent (powder or liquid) that are low suds specified for front load washers.



How do I know the washing powders that are displayed in the shops are low suds or high suds as there are so many brands out there?


Any brand will do as you will know the washing powder is low suds which is normally specified on the packaging or represented with a picture of a front load washing machine in front of the packet or box.



How do I know if my clothes can be washed in cold water or hot water and what temperature should I use?


Most of the clothing materials have a washing label which will inform you how to wash (cold or hot wash and the temperature to select if you are using hot wash). The label is inside the clothing.



This is the first time I am using a front load washing machine, I notice that the washing cycle uses very little water unlike my previous top load washer, are my clothes clean?


The front load washer uses a different washing system unlike top load washer which uses a lot of water to wash your clothing. All Electrolux front load washers have Automatic Level Control (ALC) which automatically adjust the water usage according to the wash load thereby giving you high water efficiency in every washing cycle. Our front load washers meet the requirements required under the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) practiced in Singapore and our washers are given the maximum 3 ticks under (WELS) which means “Excellence” in water consumption.



Why should I need to separate my clothing (colour & texture) when I am using a front load washer?



1st Reason:


You need to separate the colour clothing from the white clothing because if they are washed together the white clothing will become off-white due to the colours released by the colour clothing during the washing.


2nd Reason:


We have dedicated washing programs for Cottons/ Synthetics/ Delicates/ Hand Wash/ Woolens/ Silk/ Bedding (option depends on the models selection) in the washing program knob. All the programs will have their own cycle of washing e.g. load size/ temperature/ spin speed and duration of washing for optimized washing performance. Therefore, if you are washing bath towels which are thick in texture and silk which is delicate and thin in texture, you cannot mix them to wash as the temperature/ spin speed/ duration of washing are different for best washing performance and to ensure optimal care for your precious laundry. The silk material which require delicate washing may risk being damaged if you wash under cotton program.

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