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With Fashion Care, your favourites look newer for longer

Get ready to experience a whole new way of washing with Electrolux. Designed to fit perfectly into your laundry and lifestyle, wash all kinds of garments thanks to a washing machine that loves and cares for your clothes as much as you do. From everyday items to delicate designer pieces, your clothes will retain their softness, shape and colour with new UltraMix™ technology. Keep your favourites looking newer for longer with Electrolux washing machines. The innovative Vapour Refresh program is a quick cycle designed to refresh delicates without using detergent and the Woolmark certified cycle will safely launder precious woollens.

How Electrolux Cares for Your Clothes


Love clothes as much as we do?

Discover how you can ensure your favourites look newer for longer. We're excited to introduce our very own show stopper – Electrolux Fashion Care. Feel fabulous and dare to be bold as your favourites and delicates are cared for with Electrolux.

Thanks to our unique UltraMix™ technology, water is pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean. Discover the Electrolux Life.


The Ultimate Washing Experience

For the optimal care of your clothes, Electrolux offers the ultimate in performance, efficiency and convenience with UltraMix™ Front Load Washer. The powerful yet gentle cleaning system keeps your clothes looking fresher for longer while the Vapour Refresh program quickly revitalises your outfit without washing. With even more features to suit all your laundry needs, you can be confident your clothes are given the highest-quality care.


UltraMix™ Technology

For the ultimate in care, UltraMix™ technology gives you the results of a hot wash, yet uses a lower, gentler temperature. Detergent and water are pre-mixed in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximise cleaning power at a lower temperature, to ensure your favourites look newer for longer.


Color fading test

After 52 washes, the UltraMix™ technology provides better care for clothes with 31% less color fading. It preforms deeper clean eve in cold.
*1.07 IEC Washing Performance > 1.03


Energy saving

Tested and certified by Interek independently, the UltraMix™ technology reduces energy consumption by 75% and save time by 44%.


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