3/4HP Window Type Air Conditioner EWN07CRC-D5 (remote control)

3/4HP Window Type Air Conditioner EWN07CRC-D5 (remote control)

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Coating with GoldTech protection

It prevents corrosion and provides anti-microbial protection for the fin condenser

Independent dehumidifying

It allows you to dehumidify your room separately when it is humid but not that hot

3D Air-flow

The 3D Airflow desgin circulates cool air across each corner of the room

ECO sleep mode

Press this button before sleeping, the preset temperature rises 2℃ in 2 hours, preventing people getting cold and saving energy

24 hours On & Off timer

24 hours On & Off timer can preset starting time and ending time of operation


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2 YEARS General warranty

5 YEARS Compressor

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