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Eliminating cooking odours and ensuring your kitchen smells fresh is no easy task. This is where cooker hoods come in. They play an important role and can be found in most kitchens today. Here are some things to consider when buying one.


Replacing or upgrading?


Are you replacing an old cooker hood with a similar model or upgrading to a more high-tech version? There are many different types of range hoods to choose from – including stylish ones that can be used to make a bold statement – but make sure to get one that matches the design of your kitchen.


go with the flow


Go with the flow


The best cooker hoods come with an extractor unit that can effectively remove all nasty smells from your kitchen. However, sometimes, due to space or installation restrictions, you may have to use a recirculating type, which cleans the air and recycles it back into your kitchen using charcoal filters.


Pick the right hood


Do you have a six-ring range cooker with multiple pots bubbling away at any one time? Or do you have just a three-ring hob? Keep in mind that the bigger the hob, the harder your hood has to work, so make sure to choose a hood that is suitable for the type and amount of cooking you do. You should also choose a hood with a width that’s equal to or greater than the width of your hob, so that odours are effectively removed.


keep the noise down


Keep the noise down


A kitchen is often one of the loudest rooms in a house – and the last thing you need is a noisy cooker hood. At Electrolux, we have a range of models with low noise levels, such as the 90cm Stainless Steel Chimney Hood that comes with a SilentMode function, to create the right environment to get those creative juices flowing.


Eliminate odours fast


You want to get rid of that fishy smell and you want to do it fast. Electrolux cooker hoods have up to three speed settings to help you remove unpleasant odours within seconds. What’s more, our flexible fume extractor with multiple speed options can help you get rid of cooking fumes and smoke without any hassle.


*Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustration purpose only and not necessarily the products that are sold.

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