Multi-functional oven

Multi-functional oven

  • EVE614BCEB
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  • Multi-functional oven with ring heating gives you unparalleled versatility
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Bold and distinctive Bold and distinctive

Bold and distinctive

High gloss reflective materials enhanced by deep black tones are setting the stage. The hexagon bamboo pattern & textures break up the monolithic impression, adding detail and visual interest.
3.1 kW total connected load 3.1 kW total connected load

3.1 kW total connected load

The powerful heating element allows the oven to heat up in a very short time and gurantee great cooking results.
UltraFan Plus UltraFan Plus

UltraFan Plus

To give more consistency to your cooking, hot air is circulated evenly around food. This feature is superb for preparing delicate dishes like souffles. Its wide range of temperatures also gives you better result, whether you're baking bread or browning creme brulees.
InfiSpace™ 72L InfiSpace™ 72L

InfiSpace™ 72L

Designed for the entertainer and large families, this large capacity 72L oven will make catering for every occasion quick and easy. Plus, energy use is also kept to a minimum, despite its size.


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