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Pure Q9 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Exclusive noise reduction appearance below 50 dB

The tubular hand-held main unit has a closed design that absorbs high-speed operation even in strong suction. The noise at the lowest speed is less than 50 decibels, and the noise disturbance during cleaning is immediately halved. Not only consider the decibel value, PURE Q9 low audio sound wave, can also effectively reduce the harsh discomfort.

Separate cyclone system, strong suction, no weakening

The evolutionary tip adopts an open design on both sides, with the bottom fluff for enhanced sealing, concentrated front airflow, and stronger side suction; spiral air inlet design, high-speed inward airflow, separate cyclone cone and dust chamber, Significantly reduce the blocking rate and maintain 99%* strong dust collection. * According to the IEC 62 885-2 ed. 1 standard test, the dust collection rate is 99% before the dust box is fully loaded (0.3L).

HEPA grade five-fold high efficiency filtration system effectively blocks secondary pollution

Five-fold filtration mechanism, layer separation can filter 99.9% 0.3-10 μm fine dust*. The HEPA grade filter is used in the exhaust vent to avoid dust spillage and avoid secondary pollution. The filter can be washed directly for quick cleaning. *Tested according to EN 60 312-1:2017 standard

Powerful battery life, More than 55 minutes

The PURE Q9 has a three-stage suction adjustment, and the smart setting remembers the number of last used suction segments. Compared with the previous generation products, the battery life is greatly improved, and the longest can be used for more than 60 minutes.

Multiple accessories

Pure Q9 provides different accessories for you to reach and clean different tricky areas.

Scandinavian aesthetics People-oriented convenience design

Upgraded version of the magnetic charging stand - charging does not need to lift the body, you can quickly use it with a slip. Autonomous standing design - leave it wherever you want, do not need to find something to lean on. Ergonomic grip - precision calculations to create the most suitable grip angle.

Tech specification

Key Specification

Capacity (L)

Running Time (mins)

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    • Capacity (L)0.5

    Type & Setup

    • Product TypeCordless Stick Vacuum


    • Filter DescriptionWashable HEPA motor filter, sponge filter and micro filter

    Power Supply

    • Voltage (V)25.2


    • ColorSatin white
    • Running Time (mins)55/25/15 (H/ M/ L)

    Brush, Nozzle and Tube

    • Additional NozzleBedPro Power™ Nozzle

    Battery and Charging

    • Battery Cell TypeHD Li-ion
    • Charging IndicatorYes
    • Charging Time (hrs)4

    • Included AccessoriesDusting brush, crevice tool, super long crevice telescopic tube, delicate brush, BedPro nozzle


We've Got You Covered

Vacuum Warranty

1 YEAR General warranty for ZUF4307ACT, ZEG6500 & ZB6108

2 YEARS General warranty for all other vacuum cleaners, with UltraClub registration

2 YEARS Battery warranty for PF91-6BWF, PF91-5BTF & PF91-5OGF only. 1 Year battery warranty applies to all other cordless vacuum cleaner models.


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