No.8 Ergorapido Lithium 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Iron Grey

No.8 Ergorapido Lithium 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Iron Grey

  • ZB3301
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  • The advanced Allergy Filter captures 99.99%* of micro dust (* 1-3 microns as measured by IBR laboratories)
  • Powered by HD Lithium Battery for optimal cleaning performance
Colour of product may vary based on Country specific model
99.99% filtration 99.99% filtration

99.99% filtration

Captures up to 99.99%* of micro dust to leave your home feeling cleaner than ever.
* Based 1-3 micron particale size. Measured by IBR laboratories
BrushRollClean™ Technology BrushRollClean™ Technology

BrushRollClean™ Technology

Our unique BrushRollClean™ Technology saves you the trouble of having to clean the brush roll with your hands or scissors. An internal blade removes entwined hairs and fibres before they are vacuumed in to the dust cup, all with the push of a button.


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Vacuum Warranty

1 YEAR General warranty for ZUF4307ACT, ZEG6500 & ZB6108

2 YEARS General warranty for all other vacuum cleaners 

2 YEARS Battery warranty for PF91-6BWF, PF91-5BTF & PF91-5OGF only. 1 Year battery warranty applies to all other cordless vacuum cleaner models

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