60cm fully integrated ComfortLift™ dishwasher

60cm fully integrated ComfortLift™ dishwasher

  • ESL7845RA
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  • The world's first ComfortLift.
  • Save time and money by going fully automatic with AutoFlex.
  • Naturally inspired drying
  • Cabinet door is not included in this product.
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Lift your expectataion Lift your expectataion

Lift your expectataion

As gentle on you as on your dishes, the world's first ComfortLiftTM raises your dishwasher's lower basket to as comfortable height making it easier to load and unload. It then descends in a gentle motion to ensure your dishes are always cared for.
Washing versatility Washing versatility

Washing versatility

AUTOFLEX Program Let the dishwasher decides the best setting for your load. It's automatic, saving you time and money.
FlexiWash FlexiWash


Cleans glasses gently and pans intensively in the same cycle. The FlexiWash program uses different setting for the upper and lower baskets, so you always get the best results for each item, even if it's a mixed load.
All corners reached All corners reached

All corners reached

Achieve outstanding results with our FlexiSpray arm and 5 spray levels. Unlike tranditional spray arms, our moves in multiple directions, reaching even the most crowded area to ensure all of your items are impeccably clean, no matter how they are loaded.
Time Saving Time Saving

Time Saving

QUICKPLUS PROGRAM Get clean dishes in 30 minutes with the QuickPlus program. Perfect for lightly soiled dishes.
Naturally inspired drying Naturally inspired drying

Naturally inspired drying

Our new AirDry technology uses natural airflow to finish the drying. It opens the door by 10cm in the last part of the cycle until you're ready to unload. A natural way to get maximum drying performance while effectively reducing your energy cost.


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