TwinTech® FridgeFreezer

TwinTech® FridgeFreezer

  • ENN2859AOW
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  • TwinTech Technology
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Cabinet door is not included in this product.
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TwinTech® FridgeFreezer
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TwinTech Technology

MultiFlow technology, distributing the air nd maintaining the right climate inside the refrigerator, ensure exactly the same, optimum temperature at every shelf level.

Automatic Defrosting

Automatic defrosting of the fridge compartment and frost free of the freezer compartment

Fan Air Circulation

Fan air circulation for even temperature throughout the fridge.

Fast Freeze

Fast freeze function with auto return to normal settings – freezes fresh food faster so vitamins, textures, flavour and all healthy qualities are preserved better.




We've Got You Covered

Refrigerator Warranty

2 YEARS General warranty for ENN2853COW, ERY1201FOW, EWK1262X, EWK0462X & ENN2859AOW only

3 YEARS General warranty for side-by-side free standing refrigerator

5 YEARS General warranty for 2-door/ 3-door free standing refrigerator

10 YEARS Inverter motor (if any)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

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