7.5/5kg Washer Dryer with Vapour Care

7.5/5kg Washer Dryer with Vapour Care

  • EWW12746
(5 reviews)
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  • 99.9% allergen free
  • Optimal convenience and ease of use
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7.5/5kg Washer Dryer with Vapour Care
(5 reviews)
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Built-under Washer-Dryer Built-under Washer-Dryer

Built-under Washer-Dryer

A machine designed to fit Hong Kong market. With the slim cover, the total height of machine is 820mm only. You can place it under the kitchen counter (model reference is EWW12746-BU).
Dryness selection Dryness selection

Dryness selection

This option gives you the flexibility to choose the dryness level of your clothes based on your preference.
Time drying Time drying

Time drying

You may use this option to be in control of how long each drying cycle is. Adjust the time of your laundry to be ready exactly when you want to.
Vapour action Vapour action

Vapour action

Take care of your family's well-being. Vapour Action soften fabric for better care while reducing allergens by up to 99.9% even in low temperature.
Vapour refresh Vapour refresh

Vapour refresh

Vapour Refresh quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without washing. This innovative programme removes creases, odours and reduces the need for ironing to give you better care for your clothes to keep them vibrant and stylish.
Time manager Time manager

Time manager

Designed to work around your bust life, Time Manager has up to 8 different selectable time options that let you adjust the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are.


Time Manager
Woolmark Apparel Care
Delicates Programme
Add Clothes
Child Lock
Vapour Care Technology
Vapour Refresh


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Washer Warranty

2 YEARS General warranty for EWX147410W only

3 YEARS General warranty for all free standing laundry

10 YEARS Inverter motor (if any)

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