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Find the perfect washing machine for you

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There are many options to choose from and features to consider when it comes to buying an Electrolux washing machine – but worry not, we're here to help. Here’s how to pick a washing machine that fits your laundry needs and lifestyle.

Size matters

Size matters

Whether you want a freestanding washer or one that's integrated (built-in), the first step is to make sure it fits. You can start by understanding the space you have:

How big or small a washing machine should you get depends on how many people are going to use that washing machine, your laundry needs, and the space you have for it. 

If you only live alone or just share it with one more person in a limited space, then having a compact washing machine would be a reasonable choice. A compact washing machine with a slim design is roughly 60cm in width, 49cm only in depth which is great for tight spaces. You can fit it anywhere.

Check out four of our latest Electrolux Compact Washing machines models below:

Tips: If you have a small laundry area, consider purchasing a washer dryer combo.
These 2-in-1 models can be a great solution if you’re looking for one machine to do it all.

Click here to check our Washer Dryer collection

Another way to save space is by stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer.



How do we measure the capacity of a washing machine? Capacity is another important factor to consider when buying a washing machine, which is measured in kilograms. This number indicates the maximum amount of clothes that can be washed in one go. When it comes to capacity, you should consider a few things as below:

  1. Household size: Is it just the two of you or do you have a family of 15?
  2. Habits: How often do you wash your clothes?
  3. Type and size of wash items: For instance, if you often wash bedsheets, duvets, curtains, you will need a larger washing machine for the best results.

Electrolux offers a range of washing machines from 6 to 11 kg. Check it out here to find the product that best suits your home.  

Too many clothes, too little time?

Too many clothes, too little time

Designed to work around your busy life, Time Manager has up to 5 different selectable time options that let you adjust the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are. Our Electrolux Time Manager allows you to set your wash cycle period according to your schedule and convenience. If you are in a rush, we have a program (Quick programs) that save you a lot of time to wash your clothes!


Easy to use

Easy to use


Electrolux washing machines offer easy-to-understand programs such as Wool/Handwash, Cottons Eco, Denim/ Jeans and Sport, Delicates and Vapour Refresh. What’s more, you can even delay the start of a wash cycle to benefit from cheaper, off-peak energy rates.

Energy-efficient washing machine


Energy-efficient washing machine


Every Electrolux washing machine is designed to significantly reduce energy and water usage. Cleaning and caring for clothing without impairing performance. The energy ratings for the Electrolux washing machines range in HK is awarded Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label by EMSD. The energy-saving as well as performance are proved and reducing environmental impact. Specific technologies can also contribute to better energy ratings. Those include inverter motors, ECO option technology, or SensiCare technology.

Quiet and quick

Quiet and quick


There are two additional things to consider when choosing a washing machine:

Silent running cycles:

Our washing machines maintain a noise level as low as 47 decibels. So doing laundry doesn't disrupt the peaceful environment of your home.

Quick programmes:

You can wash your clothes using short programmes in as fast as 20 minutes for a small load (3kg). For bigger loads, choose the UltraWash programme (on selected machines). The UltraWash programme washes clothes in 59 minutes making it perfect for late evening washes or lightly soiled clothes. 

Sniff out allergens

Sniff out allergens

Do you find yourself sneezing and sniffling more often at certain times of the year? Then you may be interested in our washing machines' new anti-allergy program, which can eliminate between 90% and 100% of allergens on clothes.

Learn more about our Washing machine collection here to choose the best one for you. 

*Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustration purposes only and not necessarily the products that are sold.

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