FAQ about Induction

9 things you need to know about induction

Popular in Europe for years, induction cooking is now taking Asia by storm. A technology based on unbeatable precision, power and safety, it is the only type of cooking that can tempt you away from gas.

Unlike gas or ceramic radiant hobs, induction cooking heats the cookware directly rather than heating the hob first. A wonderful consequence of this is that your home remains cool, with no heat emanating from your stove; something to appreciate in warm tropical weather conditions!


Why choose Induction?

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Is induction suitable for wok cooking?

Yes. We conducted an experiment to debunk the belief that wok cooking is better on gas because a visible flame seems more powerful. Watch the video.


Induction, radiant or gas cooking?

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How does induction work?

Unlike gas or ceramic radiant hobs, induction heats cookware directly rather than heating the hob first. So your cooktop stays cool-to-the-touch, while your food cooks faster and with more precision.


Is Induction as powerful or fast as gas?

Induction is faster than other cooking technologies, boiling 1 litre of water in 3 minutes. The induction hob has precise temperature controls for instant transitions from high to low heat.


Is induction glass top easy to crack or scratch?

Induction glass is made of “ceramic glass” that’s very strong and can withstand high temperatures as well as sudden temperature changes. Scratching, however, can occur if one is careless.


Can I use any pot or pan on induction?

No. To use induction, your pots have to be magnetic. A simple magnet-test will determine which cookware can be used on induction.


Important things you should know before installation

You should check if you have a sufficient power supply and if the house installation is suitable to run the hob properly. 


What if my induction product breaks down?

In case of a breakdown, call the Electrolux Service Centre (3193 9888), describe the problem and arrange for a technician visit. We provide a 24-month warranty for all Electrolux induction cooktops.


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