The Better Living Program

The Better Living Program is a 11-year action plan by Electrolux that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Garment Care, Better Home Environment and Better Company.

Better Eating

Food is the single most critical factor when it comes to our health. It is also critical to our planet´s health, with the food industry accounting for a third of global energy consumption and over 20 percent of emissions1. All the more shocking, then, that 30% of the food we buy is thrown away2, even though one-ninth of the world is going to sleep hungry each night3. That is why we want to help people make better eating choices in ways that are effortless and enjoyable.

1 Source: UN SDG, 2018
2 Source: UN SDG, 2018
3 Source: Food Aid Foundation

Better Eating - Electrolux Hong kong
2030 Target: Make sustainable eating the preferred choice
2030 Target: Make sustainable eating the preferred choice
We aim to inspire people to eat, source and handle food in a way that benefits both people and planet - without sacrificing any enjoyment.
Focus Areas
Focus Areas
To guide us towards our target, we will seek to drive product innovations, educate consumers, undertake further research, and form meaningful partnerships. These are the things we aim to focus on for Better Eating:

- Reduce food waste in every way we can
- Inspire more plant-based eating
- Minimize nutrition loss in foods
- Improve the experience of eating sustainably through enhanced tastes, textures and colours
- Make it easy to implement all of these in everyday life

"We always try to find better solutions for food preservation. But sustainable eating is also about changing behavior. It´s about taking small steps for a bigger cause."

Hanna Nykänen

Food Preservation Expert. Electrolux, Sweden

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